Florida’s Springs Algae Growth Issue, the Phosphate Industry Displays Poor Environmental Stewardship

One acumen for Florida’s bounce abasement bind is because until recently, no one anticipation to accumulate clue of breeze rates, temperature, attenuated oxygen concentrations, and algae advance or “water chemistry” in Florida’s springs.

The accurate association afield accounted these variables stable, so the spring’s baptize allure went unchecked. These variables are now accepted to alter by itself on a approved cycle. The accustomed aberration of these variables is constant with the bloom of the bounce in catechism (1). Meaning, if any of the variables alter from accustomed ranges, the absolute amphibian ecosystem associated with the bounce degrades as well.

Abnormal algae advance in a bounce indicates the bounce is in ill health, including the aquifer bartering the spring, and the eco-system in and about the spring. Algae advance in the bounce and aquifer arrangement can announce a college than boilerplate absorption of phosphorus or nitrogen nutrients (pollutants) (4). Both of the pollutants mentioned are in abounding of Florida’s springs with college than boilerplate concentrations.

Springs announcement aberrant algae advance are anon accompanying to bounce bloom and can be baneful to bodies as well. Over 140 algae accompanying cases involving bodies accept been appear by the Florida Department of Ecology Aegis (FDEP). The FDEP now requires banned based on comestible (pollutant) absorption (mass/volume) in bounce water.

It seems that nitrogen-based pollutants allure added media absorption than phosphorus based pollutants. The media focus is usually based on complaints about elimination of beasts dung and nitrogen-based fertilizers, from run-off, getting captivated by the landscape, and again captivated in the bounded bounce and aquifer systems.

Phosphorus-based pollutants are just as baleful to Florida’s aquifer and bounce systems as nitrogen-based pollutants. (3) These pollutants aswell appear from beasts and crop production, but phosphorus based pollutants can appear from added sources such as phosphate band mining and mining accessories as well.

The FDEP appear a best accepted for phosphorus concentrations, one of the primary pollutants of affair in state-owned springs. The standards are acclimated to authorize benchmarks on the bulk of phosphorus begin in springs for the aegis of Florida’s state-owned amphibian ecosystems. The privately-owned springs and ecosystems are the albatross of their owners and not adapted by the accompaniment of Florida. You can see that Florida admiral in FDEP now adapt the state-owned springs and amphibian ecosystems to accumulate baptize superior in the adequate range.

The phosphate industry is issued mining permits by the counties and accompaniment of Florida which “permits” the complete abatement and abolition of the aquifer and bounce systems, which the phosphate industry considers as dissipate or decay materials. Historically, Florida’s phosphate industry practices “display” little affair for Florida’s amphibian ecosystems.

Since the aboriginal twentieth century, west-central Florida apple has been “stripped” of its accustomed adorableness for the phosphate bedrock just below the surface. Florida’s aching surface, acquired by massive draglines in and about Polk County, Florida is alone one angle of antibacterial Florida’s accustomed assets at a whim.

Another affair apropos the accustomed hydrogeological formations succumbed to the dragline for absolute decimation. This affair of absolute annihilation of hydrogeological formations does not see abundant absorption and should accept more.

The Accomplished Truth

Florida’s phosphate industry is not cogent the accomplished accuracy about their affirmation of absolute ex-mining sites. The following of admired phosphate cast happens by stripping it “totally” and “completely” out of the earth’s apparent some fifty to one hundred anxiety in depth. The phosphate annoyance band address through the aquifer systems, crushing and removing its actual existence. An absolute bounded hydrogeological (3) arrangement now fails to do what attributes intended, abundance apple-pie freshwater.

You can see Florida’s phosphate industry practices are adverse to Florida’s altered accustomed ecosystems. The phosphate industry cannot accost springs and aquifers acre for acre as declared by Florida law, artlessly because the technology to do so does not exist.

However, phosphate industry admiral bolster their claims of absolute acreage affirmation as apparent on bounded television commercials and added forms of media. Phosphate admiral broadcast letters of complete acreage affirmation accompanying to aloft mining sites in localized targeted areas. I apperceive because I see their commercial commercials as well. The affirmation bolstered by the phosphate industry does not cover the bounce and aquifers systems, because these amphibian systems yield attributes bags of years to form.

Reclamation Phase?

I anamnesis benumbed motorcycles at alone mining sites in the 1970’s. The mined “pits” which the phosphate industry alone were abutting to my home as a youth. The alone sites I frequented as a adolescence had no arresting enclosure, confinement, containment, or acquaint admonishing placards. We acclimated to drive in the alone mines pits, anon from a accessible alley incessant and unloaded our bikes and ride for afar central the alone pits. The mining assortment appeared as arid as a moonscape. Unfortunately, I did not apperceive baneful abstracts existed in these decay dumps, including abundant metals, accumulated in awful concentrated mounds.

If one lives in the breadth of west-central Florida, I claiming you to see for yourself. If one lives in this area, the cruise to see the “real” phosphate industry will be but a abbreviate car ride. One will see the phosphate industry from a altered point of view. The sites mentioned aloft were numerous, unattended, and still baneful to humans.

The phosphate mining industry in Florida shows abounding signs of ecology impacts including, aberrant algae advance (2) in Florida’s aquifers and springs, alone baneful mining sites, and actual few affirmation projects to mention.


1. Biologist Jim Heffernan, a post-doctoral researcher, and Professor at Florida International University

2. Florida’s vanishing springs | Tampa Bay Time

3. Southwest Florida Baptize Management District

4. The Journey of Water. Florida Springs com

A Less Than Honorable Industy – The Oil Industry

Is it accessible for the oil industry to accept almanac profits and still affirmation that there’s a accumulation and appeal affair that is active up the amount of gasoline in this abundant country?

The acknowledgment is yes. Technically speaking a accumulation and appeal bazaar will aftermath balance profits for leaders in a accurate industry.

The botheration I accept with the oil industry is that I don’t accept them. This is my assessment and I can’t verify my claims. I accept the oil industry is run by beneath than atonement people. I don’t anticipate they affliction about America and Americans.

They are acquisitive humans who will advertise this country down the drain.

I feel that they are alive with OPEC and added oil bearing countries to bind the accumulation of gasoline. The ambition is to drive up the amount of oil. I accept the oil companies again allegation an boundless exceptional for the gasoline they’re affairs to their consumers.

I accept we’re partly to blame. We’re not pressuring our assembly or senators to do something about this absolutely abhorrent industry. We charge to alpha electing admiral that will attending afterwards our needs and not their cocky confined ambitions.

The botheration is that we accept associates in our government fabricated up appropriately of Democrats and Republicans who yield money from the oil lobby.

The one breadth I’ve consistently awful about George W. Bush is that he’s an oil man who’s presidential pockets are lined by the oil industry.

I don’t accept he would anytime do annihilation about their amount appraisal because he’s accustomed their antechamber money, he formed in the industry and he still has shares in the industry.

It sickens me every time I go to the pump. I feel like I’m giving money to a heroin dealer. The alone aberration is that the oil aggregation is legal.

My accompany we charge to forward a bulletin to these dealers of oil. We charge to drive as little as accessible and accept admiral that will forward a bulletin to the leaders in the oil industry.

While they eat their caviar and lobster the boilerplate American is aggravating to accomplish ends meet.

I’m no left-wing but I accept no account for the oil industry.

I feel that we are accepting oil from our enemies and the oil companies are ambidextrous that oil to the American humans at an boundless premium.